Meet the team that created Entourage.

Alexander Clifford, Co-founder

Alex is from Concord, MA. He attended Phillips Academy Andover in Andover, MA before attending The University of Chicago to study Economics. Alex graduated from The University of Chicago with honors in 2011. Alex trades options at the Chicago Board of Trade by day, and works on Entourage at 1871 by night.

Jessica Sheft-Ason, Co-founder

A native of Westfield, NJ, Jessica attended The University of Chicago, where she earned her degree in Economics with honors in 2012. Jessica is a front-end engineer and tech-savvy intellectual. She loves the concept of bringing together millennials’ immediate social communities, hence her involvement in Entourage.

Edgar Friloux, Co-founder

Edgar is originally from Madison, WI and graduated from the University of Chicago with honors in Economics in 2010. Edgar joined J.P. Morgan’s investment banking group after college and has worked their for the past five years. Edgar is a tech enthusiast and is excited about Entourage’s platform and future potential and growth.